Filmbank sponsors winning crossover film ‘When Harry Tries To Marry'

Filmbank, the major non-theatrical supplier of Hollywood, Bollywood and independent movies outside the cinema and home, is proud to have sponsored the Best Crossover Film at this year’s London Asian Film Festival awards, held at BAFTA on March 27.  Non-theatrical movie screenings outside of the traditional cinema and home entertainment.



The winning film was “When Harry Tries to Marry”, a new independent feature film from writer-producer-director Nayan Padrai.  The same film won awards for Best New Talent (Rahul Rai) and the coveted audience award for Best Film.


The romantic comedy stars Rahul Rai as a young Indian-American man in New York, who unexpectedly pursues an arranged marriage in order to avoid risking a love match that might fizzle.

When Harry Tries To Marry (Trailer)

WHEN HARRY TRIES TO MARRY is a cross-cultural romantic comedy about a young Indian-born bachelor who lives in New York City. Harry's handsome and charming, but he's cynical about love. He's never really gotten over his parents' divorce -- they were a modern Indian couple who married for love and it didn't last. So to improve his odds of living "happily ever after,"


Harry decides to have an arranged marriage, and asks his uncle back home in India to assist him in arranging the introduction to an appropriate Indian woman. To the dismay of his parents and friends, Harry finds the perfect girl and embarks on a long-distance courtship.

Former U.S. Open ball boy makes great lead in 'When Harry Tries to Marry'

Actor Rahul Rai, the Long Island-raised star of the Queens-set romantic comedy 'When Harry Tries to Marry,' went from U.S. Open ball boy to Bollywood performer.


Rahul Rai is trying his hand at the acting racket.


Two years ago, the Pace student was working as a U.S. Open ball boy (three years running!) and dancing with the Bollywood Performance Arts school.


Fate served him the opportunity of a lifetime, however, after director Nayan Padrai saw the troupe perform and cast Rai as the lead in his new movie "When Harry Tries to Marry."

Hicksville Dancer Rahul Rai Stars In When Harry Tries to Marry

The manner in which 20-year-old Rahul Rai was discovered is, well, almost straight out of Bollywood – India’s equivalent to cinema culture here in the United States.  


A graduate of Wheatley High School in Old Westbury and current student at Pace University, Rai was performing as a dancer in the Hicksville-based dance company Bollywood Performing Arts when movie director Nayan Padrai spotted Rai and asked him to audition for the leading role of Harry.


“Because of them I was just in the right place at the right time,” said Rai, who started dancing eight years ago as he mimicked moves of Bollywood actors in his basement.

A star is born. Rahul makes Mangalore proud - brings credit to his parents, Dr Dinker Rai and Shakila - Brings honour to the Bunt community in Mangalore.


New York, Nov 2: Millions are struck by the aura of cinema, be it art or commercial. Hollywood and Bollywood have no doubt, played their part in capturing the imagination of many youngsters. There are those who are so captivated by this form of entertainment that they aspire for greater involvement in this creative art. It is this kind of aspiration that has given the world great contributors to cinema in form of directors, script writers, music directors and actors. Rahul Rai is one of those aspirants.

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